Sunday 13 May 2012

How ridiculous!!!!,

Sorry crafters I must be tired.... I am not actually on until Wednesday. Going home now to get some sleep..... Obviously need it. Lol Love melanie xxxx


  1. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, Rest Up xx

  2. Not to worry Melanie, we all get daft days and you are allowed to make mistakes sweetie, we all do.
    See you on Wednesday. Have a good rest Linda x

  3. Will watch on Wednesday or record depending on what time you are on. Have a good rest.

  4. See you Wednesday hugs Elaine

  5. tuesday or Wednesday doesn't matter as long as it's copics, Have a restful day until the show

  6. Oh Dear Mel!
    Too much travel and not enough sleep !
    Look forward to seeing you whatever day its on
    Take care
    Love Marg

  7. Hey Mel

    Its such an exciting product, i dont blame you for being a day early, completely understandable lol.

    I have Promarkers and have been watching all the shows today with these and Spectrum Noirs. The copics are an investment though and cant wait to see your demos, we are hoping to head to the states later in the year, i was promised by my better half that i could pick some up while i was there but now i dont have too!!

    Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep,

    Much love

    Amanda x

  8. Hi Mel,
    can you help please I bought the Gypsy to help me get better use of mu small cricut machine the 12 x 6 but I cannot get it to cut things in proportion ie.Woody from toy story
    If I turn the image on the gypsy to cut a shadow image to say 7ins long when I try to cut the top layers they are all to big what am I doing wrong.

    please help it seem such a waste of money to have the Gypsy and I just am not getting it


    1. Hi Alice
      Yes I can solve that one. You need to firstly cut Woody at Seven inches, from black card and WITHOUT the shadow feature on. Then make sure that you have RELATIVE size on and not TRUE size ( check you little book to find the icon.) then all the layers will cut to fit the black piece perfectly. What I do too is put different colours of card on the same mat and cut them all at once. You can do this because you can move the separate layers around the mat and place your card accordingly.
      I hope that makes sense. If not then let me know.
      Melanie xxx

    2. Hi Mel,....please help!!
      i am having a few problems with my cricut create. I have bought new blades and mats along with some lovely cartridges but my machine s not cutting properly. i have changed depth, speed etc. in fact everything i can think of!!! any help would be most welcome. it is either tearing the card or not cutting to full depth. i have wasted so much card as i am trying to make napkin rings for my daughters wedding. please help!!!
      love linda xx