Monday 20 May 2013


Hello crafty friends
I want to share an email I received from a lady called Janet last night.

If you watched the Zentangle with Dreamweaver show yesterday you will know that I said I would love to share some of your works of Zentangle Art with my followers.
Janet sent me these pictures of her friend BEAs' work. Bea is 82, soon to be 83 and as you can see is extremely talented.
Enjoy your day
Love and hugs


  1. Oooo this is so nice.
    I am having fun with Zentangle and noticed that the more I do it the more professional it looks.

  2. Hi Mel, I have suprised myself doing Zentangle, I am really chuffed with the results. Bea, I hope I get as good as you, your samples are beautiful, thanks for letting us see them. SueL

  3. I sat in my garden yesterday afternoon and completed a whole Zentangle tag. I am soon to have major surgery - guess what is now on the agenda for my recovery time? Thanks Mel - and thanks to Bea too xx

  4. Fantastic work Bea - they all look gorgeous

  5. WOW these are fantastic. Stunning work from Bea!

    Linda xxx

  6. Loved the show and I learnt alot as I have just started to Zentangle. These are gorgeous, very talented lady.

  7. fantastic cards i am yet to try zentangle but its on my list of crafts to try xx

  8. Love all the patterns, and designs. This is so impressive.
    Mel what thickness of micron pen nibs do you use please? There appear to be several thicknesses.

  9. Hi
    I use a variety of nib widths depending really on the size of the stencil and the area I am working in.the set of micron pens are great, just be careful not to press down really hard as they are a fibre tip. show coming soon. X

  10. Extremely talented!! Mel, is it possible for you to email me your address? I have the thank you card ready to post to you for the thermoweb tape. You have already sent me it once and I have deleted te email by mistake, ooops, I am hopeless! Thanks, Fiona Lancaster,

  11. Hi Mel,
    Wow these are fantastic, well done to Bea.

  12. Fantastic show and I love the Tangles people have sent you here. I use the same Sakura pens as you were selling . . . they are definitely worth having. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hugs, Sandra Take a peek at MY TANGLES here

  13. Watched the show and totally hooked!!! Love it and the fact you can't make mistakes! Not only relaxing but a confidence boost as well . Lovely images you have been sent!! X