Wednesday 1 May 2013

Show times

I am on air tomorrow at 8am, 12pm and 7pm with EK Success punches. I am going to try and show you all different things you can achieve with your fab punches.
On Friday and Saturday I am joining some of the presenters on some of the half price event shows.....have to say there are some amazing deals to be had.....I am on at 8am on Friday and Saturday at 10am and 3pm.
Next  Tuesday I am doing the pick of the day! Then Hot off the Press on Friday and Sunday Scrappers and tool shed on Sunday.
Then off home to get ready for the next shows the week after!!!!!!!
I am doing Jesse James and Colorbok on the 15th and Zentangle with Dreamweaver on the 19th. Very excited about those shows!!!!!!!
Hope you can join me and also hope the voice survives!!!!!!
See you soon
Love and hugs
Melanie xxxx


  1. Blimey Mel, no wonder you end up with no voice!!
    Sounds great.

  2. Hi Mel, Well they are going to work you hard, you will need a holiday after that.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have for us.

  3. Hi Mel. Nice to see you back. Can't wait for your Zentangled shows. I fell in love with the two cards you showed us recently. Take care. SueL x

  4. Wow Mel - talk about jumping in at the deep end... I hope the voice survives.... I'll be watching.
    Take care

  5. Will be with you Mel, so glad your doing the Sunday Scrappers, just love it when you do.

  6. Wonderful shows. I have really enjoyed making squares and oblongs with my punches since you showed us how. The only one I cannot work out is the butterfly chain. I cannot get the extra corner amount right no matter how I try. I either cut into the original pattern when I turn the corner or when I try leaving extra I end up with the sides offset. Is there some other secret for this one please ?