Saturday 15 March 2014

Zentangle samples

Hi my crafty friends

Here are the samples from yesterday's entangle show.

Here,with the sailboat I have used gentleblends to colour through the stencil..
Then used the Picasso dream weaver stencil to create the clouds.
Finally I zentangled the sail.

For this sample I used the large Zen flower stencil and gentleblends for colour.
After letting this dry thoroughly I drew through each section of the flower stencil.
Next I placed the crusade stencil Over the top and drew the lines that are  inside the  flower sections.
Fill these in with a black micron pen and allow to dry.
Then place the Zen flower stencil back over the art work and ink through with a versmark ink  pad. Remove the stencil and then pour UTEE over the top and heat. Repeat this process.


  1. Loved the Zentangle show Mel - I have got bitten by the bug. Think I need some of the Dreamweaver stencils as so far all I have done are the squared designs. Have been looking on You Tube and there are some amazing drawings on there. Hope to see you next week at the NEC -Thanks for all your help x

  2. these are simply gorgeous can't wait for some velvet card to arrive so that I can begin zentangling again

  3. Hi Mel

    Just received my Yoga for the Brain cards

    Whilst I was thumbing through the pack, I realised that if you turn the first nine cards over (so that you can see the tangles on the back) it makes an impressive picture - cool!

    An excellent way to show how by combining the tangles you can make something special

    I'm just starting with Zentangling - These will give me a great way of winding down in my lunch time at work

    Kind regards


  4. Ooh, these are sooo pretty :-)