Friday 27 January 2012

Blog Diary

Good morning all
Yesterday when I went in to the office I got my hands on the new Bo Bunny product that is being launched at CHA and I have to say all the collections are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! You can view all the new lines on the website and if there is anything you specifically want you can pre-order.
Apart from that I decided that Alison and I will do a blog diary of our trip. So that means some un-suspecting American will be roped in to taking our photos!!!
Thought it would be fun for you to come along with us.
Take care
Melanie xxx


  1. Ooh that shounds exciting, it will be great to hear what you are doing, while you are doing it.
    Wish I was coming too!
    Have a lovley time. Going to look at Bo-Bunny papers now!

  2. Hi Mel,

    You have such a fun time, what a joy.I was wondering what the angel policy is on selling cards that have been made using walt disney or pixar images on the cricut I tried reading it on their website but got lost in the gobble de gook. Please help x

  3. hello melanie and alison,yes!,i have got through to brammwell crafts and have ordered a 12x12 pad country gardens,they seemed a bit suprised about the order,i said that you had put it on your blog to order early. will order again when your on create and craft. it will be nice to see some pictures,for us that dont go,dont think anyone has done that before,love bluebell-flowerwood x.

  4. Hi Mel,

    Can you see me jumping up and down? My Cricut has just arrived.

    Thanks for persuading me to go for it I have dithered about now for a year..

    I just hope I do it justice !!

    Can't wait to see the pictures I hope you have a lovely time.

    Love Margaret xx

  5. looking forward to the piccies!!

  6. hi mel
    i wondered if their was any chance that you would consider doing a workshop down on the south coast for all of us that can't really travel that far would love to come but just not able to go that far
    enjoy your trip can not wait to see all the pictures

    thanks gail

  7. What a lovely idea, looking forward to seeing the pics.

  8. Thanks Mel will have a look now at Bramwells site,i think i need to go into rehab for addiction to paper and card LOL!!!!!!
    Sandra x

  9. Hi Mel, thank you for the update I will have to take a look to see whats available soon.
    Playing piggy back with you as you explore CHA sounds fab, it's a great idea. Hopefully there will be lots of giggles along the way.
    Have fun. Linda

  10. The diary sounds fun and loads of photos sounds brilliant as they make so much effort with their stands; many are pieces of art in themselves. Not that I've ever seen it 'in the flesh' just photos online. Hope that you're over there safely now, hyper excited I'm sure

  11. Sandra Riley....28 January 2012 at 16:03

    Have an amazing time, look forward to your updates xxx

  12. Hi Melanie, just watching you on Ideal World and was wondering, as you are a Provocraft expert!, if you knew where I could get a USB cable for the original Cricut. I would like to access the available content on the Cricut site via my computer but need the cable to enable me to do this. I have trawled the internet for a long time and the only place I can find one is on the official Provocraft side for $9.99 but unfortuately they only ship to USA and Canada. They did reply to my request I sent but the site they suggesed do not stock it. PLEASE help, you are my last chance. Thanks. BTW your shows are great!

  13. Hi Mel< I have a question for you; some time ago on Create and Craft you persuaded me to buy some 'Heat n Bond' - I recall being in awe at what I could do with it and think it involved my Cricut.
    Sadly, I have memory loss and now do not have a clue what I am supposed to do with it and what I brought it for!
    Please can you help me.
    Thanks ever so much.
    Pip in Hove xx

    1. Hello
      You iron the heat and bond on to the back of fabric. This stabilises it and allows you to cut it through the Cricut.
      Hope that helps
      Melanie xxxx

  14. Hi Melanie

    I would just like to say it has taken me some time to make up my mind to buy the Cricut, the cost had something to do with it but when I saw you with Nigel may and the Quadruple offer I could not say no!!. I am very happy to say that I ordered it Wednesday pm and it arrived Friday am.What brill service. Thanks again and I enjoy watching you. Love Jayne x

  15. Hi Melanie

    Has also taken me some time to make up my mind to but the cricut. Ordered on Friday and arrived Monday which was great. I managed to cut 2/3 of a sheet without problem but now it won't cut completely through anything. Have tried adjusting the pressure and blade depths but nothing makes any difference. Used differnt types of card and paper. Really disappointed and frustrated. Can you help. Lynn

  16. Hi
    Put speed, pressure and blade depth on full and then try cutting mirri card. Let me know eps hat happens with that.

  17. Hi Mel I have a question for you. With the cricut machine if paper or card is not cutting well is there a way that you can go over the image again?. I thought that you and Leonie had said there was away around this problem. Maybe I heard wrong.
    Many Thanks Jayne x

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