Sunday 22 January 2012


Saturday 3rd  -  Copic and Stampavie class   Inspirations Preston   01772 880852
Tuesday  13th  -  Repeat Class

Saturday  10th  -  Cricut class   Includes 'Wrap it Up' cartridge.    Inspirations   Preston

Sunday  11th  -  Repeat Cricut Class    Inspirations  Preston

Saturday 24th  -  Advanced Copic class  Inspirations  Preston.

Monday  26th  -  Chest of drawers class   Grosvenor House   Kendal


  1. What happens if you already have the cartridge used in a class would love to try one of your classes Mel

  2. Hi Mel, Love the blog. So inspiratioal, shame you are so far *up North* lol
    I use my Circuit alot and have a 'few carts' but am having major problems with Just Because cards.
    Do you have an E-Mail address so I could explain the problem and what I have tried to overcome them???

  3. Hi mel,
    new to the blog and love it.
    i dont know if this is the right place to ask a questions, but here goes.
    I bought the spongebob squarepants cartridge the other week and dont know if its faulty.
    i want to do the portal picture with sbsp hanging out and waving.
    i did the main picture on the right handside and did it fit to page, which gave a 10inch size so did everything that size and when i came to do the blue portal parts, it said it couldnt cut it as the paper wasnt the right size. i found this puzzling as this is to fit inside the 10in piece that was first cut.
    Do you understand, its hard to explain.
    do you have this cartridge and see if you have the same problem or tell me where im going wrong.
    Hope you can help

  4. Hi Mel

    I've seen your shows on C&C and enjoy the way you explain how to use the Cricut Expression I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering if you have a DVD or would consider making a DVD sharing your knowledge and including all your hints and tips? I think it would be great and would certainly enourage me to make better use of my Expression.

    Also a bit cheeky I know but are you planning any classes in Scotland :-)


  5. I agree a DVD would be great idea! and if your going to go to Scotland what about popping into the North East on your way up there so we geordies can get some tuition with you. I'd definitely be up for trying to arrange something.

  6. hi I like the DVD idea perhaps if some of the classes could be recorded and we could buy the DVD with perhaps tips and questions asked by the class. You could pre order the class DVD as if you were booking the class
    susan x

  7. Hi Margaret. I will try to get my hands on the SBSP cartridge and will have a look and get back to you if thats ok. Or you could photocopy the page you are using and send it to and she will pass it on to me xxx

    Hi To All of you have asked for a DVD. It is out of my control. You will need to ask the powers that be at Create and Craft. I agree though it would be great and I have been asking for a while now. No plans to do classes around the country. However if you get a group together i would b happy to look at it..

  8. Hi Jayne. Can you please email and she will forward me your email address and I will get in touch.. Thanks melanie xxx

  9. Hi Susan. If you already have the cartridge you can choose any other cartridge to the same value. Hope to see you in March xxx

  10. Hi Mel

    Great to see you're in Kendal in March doing classes, have you any plans to do any Copic classes which I would be very interested in? Love your blog.

    Thanks Susan