Wednesday 18 January 2012


Good morning cafters,
Thank you for all your support yesterday. I am just heading back to the studios for my Stampavie show this morning at 8am.
I think that is my only show today but after testerday.... who knows.
Hope you enjoy the show today.
Will post again when I get back to the hotel.
Have a great day
Take care
Melanie xxx


  1. Hello Mel
    Recording you of course ..I love Mo Manning stamps and the demo's
    Have a lovely time
    love marg

  2. Hi Mel, recording your show but couldn't help myself but to sit and watch you for 10 minutes. I'm very pleased that you will be on C & C more often this year.

    All the best

  3. hi mel,well what a day for you,wednesday,you ask if anyone would like any card instructions putting on your blog,yes please,could we have the end of summer card. goodie new bo bunny papers,great. the scrapbooking i am sure will be good, what will we need so we can do it with you. hope you have your card by bluebell-flowerwood x.

  4. Hi Mel, You were just fantastic yesterday and this morning. Will be tuning in tomorrow at 12 to see you again!
    I was so excited to hear you will be doing some of the Scrapbook Sunday's cannot wait! Debbiex

  5. Do you know Mel, I could listen to you all day and you teach me so much. When you explain how to do something you are so right and it works. I struggled to cut my coloured stamped images in a perfect circle, even with my circle cutter, they were off centre and after all of my work I was really annoyed, 'cut out the circle first then stamp on it' you said today on your TV show, how stupid am I, this is the sort of thing you tell us, it stairs me in the face but I just don’t think like that, thank you. Your TV shows are great; your chatter is so interesting and informative. I know you are busy for questions but you do say we can ask. Can you tell me what glue gun you use as mine is rubbish it dribbles and I have struggle to find a good brown liner pen what make is your please. Were on the blog can we find answers to our questions, I asked about the freshly picked plant pot instructions when you had time and apparently you said you have answered when I spoke to you but I don’t know where to find the answers. Thank you Mel x

  6. Wow a fantastic show Mel ...I will be glued to the 2pm show ...I love listening to you I shut my eyes and I'm back in my home town of Clitheroe ...I'm up there in Feb for 10 days so hope you have a class I can get to ....must go and get a few jobs don't its nearly that time to sit and enjoy your demos !! x

  7. Enjoyed the show just watched it with my daughter really enjoyed that you were able to do a long demonstration. Love the stamps own quite a few of them. Hugs Bee

  8. Watched you yesterday and this morning, Mel you have such flair and passion for craft. Your cards are FABULOUS !!!. Im off to craft now , have been picking up tips from you so here goes.....!!
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Hi Lynne

    Thanks for your lovely comments. I use a Bostik glue gun. Bought it from the Range or any DIY store would stock them.
    I will do the instructions as soon as I have a minute to stop x

  10. bluebell-flowerwood - Yes I will write them up when i get home. Probably next week x

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  13. I have recorded the show ready to watch - can't wait xx