Sunday 22 January 2012



Saturday 11th - Cricut beginners class. You will need to bring your own Cricut. (any machine, but NOT Imagine)   Inspirations Preston   01772 880852.

Tuesday 28th  Copic DEMONSTRATION DAY   Inspirations Preston.


  1. Hi Mel, I love watching you on C&C you make using the cricut look so easy. I have just bought a cricut expression2 when it was a pick of the week. I am scared to use it!!! I have only just unpaced it and I have had it for a couple of, please can you tell me if you can use a 6x12 mat with it, and do you think you could do a workshop near wiltshire pls......or a workshop at shepton mallet craft show?
    steph xxx

  2. Hi Steph. No you can’t use the 6” x 12” mats in the Expression. You need the 12” or 12”x 24” mats for the larger machine. Don’t be scared, just play xxx