Sunday 22 January 2012

Good Morning and Apologies!

Good morning
Just thought I would do a short post before I go off to Preston to teach my Shades of Warm Grey class. This is a Copic class just using four warm grey pens. I have to say I am delighted with the result and I will put the photo on my blog this week.
The apology part of this post is to all the people who have asked questions on the blog. Unfortunately, although my laptop will allow me to do new posts, it won't allow mw to reply to questions!!!!!! See, now you know why I don't do technology!!!! I am going in to the office on Tuesday and I will respond to all your questions then.
Have a good day
Take care
 and once again thank you for all your support.
Melanie xxx


  1. good morning to you Melanie. wish I was coming to Preston to do the copics. see you on monday though.x

  2. mornin mel i have a question my son bought me a gypsy i dont know were he got it from ,i cant seem to load 2 cartridges on it, i did buy them off ebay from america but even when i go on my gypsy and look at other available cartidges cindy lou and birthday bash arent even displayed do you know what the problem is thanks carole ps ive ordered the expression

  3. Hi Mel,
    Sorry but I think I have messed up the blogspot - I have been emailing you at C&C, and left messages on here re problems I have with my new cricut create. As I couldn't get any help, I left my email address and somehow people are emailing me thinking it is you!!!!! Wish it was!!!! Help - sorry about that to all who have emailed me. Jacqui

  4. Ah technology is wonderful thing when it works. I always reply to questions in the same place as the comments, I don't know of any other way either. Hope you had a fab day colouring in!

  5. please help my cutting mat is not very sticky . What can i do???

  6. Hi Mel.... what is the best adhesive for assembling cricut images, especially the very tiny or intricate ones?
    Thanks for all the inspiration! Jan

  7. Have fun in Preston. My home town
    Elaine W

  8. Hi Mel
    HELP. I updated my gypsy and the Imagine Icon has gone, it did download the imagine content but ittook the icon away. Grrrr. HEEEEEEEEEEEELP

  9. Hi Jan. I use the Jones Tones Paper Glue which you will be able to get from Ideal World in February xxx

    Hi Amanda. Get your self some Stick and Spray from Crafters companion and spray the back of the CARD not the mat. Then you can cut away and the shapes already have adhesive on them. Take care melanie xxx

    Hi borrower 1 I think you need to update your Gypsy. Download the Cricut Sync or if you have already done that then link your Gypsy to the machine and update it. If they still don’t appear then email and they should be able to help you xxx