Sunday 15 January 2012

Photos of Flower Shoppe Wreath

Hi Crafters
Just spent two fabulous days at Inspirations in Preston teaching this class using the Cricut Flower Shoppe cartridge. Thought you may like to make one too.
Melanie xxx

Products needed
2 x sets of co-ordinating coloured card. Each set needs to consist of a DARK shade, a MID colour and a LIGHT colour.  These sets will make up your large flowers.  You then also need a set of FOUR pieces of co-ordinating card. This will be used to create the smaller daisies that sit in-between the large flowers. These need to be a DARK,  a MID colour,   a LIGHT colour and a BRIGHT colour
2x Different shades of green card.  One must be darker than the other.
Two different colours of neutral card which will make the centres of the flowers.
A Brown ink pad and dry foam. Black and Brown fineliner pens. (You only need these if you intend to ink and dash your paper flower and leaf sections)
I am typing these instructions to suit the colours of my wreath. So is you are using different colours go on the shade of the card.

1.     Place the DARK purple card on the mat. Make sure your pressure and blade depth settings are correct for the cardstock. Load mat. Set the size dial to 3”. Open the book at page 12. Have a good look at the page and you will see that the pictures of the cartridge overlays show you where the button is that you need to press.  Press BASIC 4, three times and CUT. Unload the mat.

2.     Put the MID purple colour on the mat. Load mat.  Turn to PAGE 15. You are going to use RUFFLE 3. You need 9 of them for each purple flower. So press RUFFLE 3  27 times. How you do this will depend on which machine you are working on.    If you are working on one of the smaller machines, then you will press the RUFFLE 3 button  9 times. Then when it has finished cutting simply press REPEAT LAST and CUT. Then REPEAT LAST and CUT again.
If you are working on either of the Expression machines, you can set the quantity you want. Unload mat.

3.     Put the LIGHT purple card on your mat. Load mat. Turn back to page 12. Press BASIC2  three times and CUT. Unload mat.
4.     Put one of your Neutral colours of card on to the mat. I have used a PALE YELLOW for the centres of my PURPLE flowers.   Load Mat.  Press BASIC 1  three times and CUT. Unload mat.

5.     Set the size dial to 2 ½”. Put the DARK PINK card on to the mat. Load mat. Turn to page 14.  Press HEART 4  four times and CUT. Unload mat.  Put the MEDIUM PINK card on the mat. Load mat.   You will need 5 of the HEART 3 shape for each flower.  So altogether you need  20.  So again, the machine you are using will determine how you do this.  CUT and then UNLOAD mat.

6.     Put the LIGHT PINK card on your mat.  Press HEART2,  four times and CUT.  UNLOAD mat.

7.     Put the other neutral colour card on your mat. I have used a LIGHT CREAM card for the centres of my PINK flowers.  LOAD MAT.  Press HEART 1,  four times and CUT.  UNLOAD MAT.

8.     Put the DARK YELLOW card on the mat. Set the size to 2”. LOAD MAT.  Turn to page 20. Press STACK 2,  Eight times  and CUT.  Unload mat.

9.     Put the MID YELLOW card on the mat. LOAD MAT. Press REPEAT LAST and CUT. UNLOAD MAT.    Put the LIGHT YELLOW card on the mat. LOAD MAT.  Press REPEAT LAST and CUT.  UNLOAD MAT.

10.                        Put the BRIGHT YELLOW card on the mat.  LOAD MAT.  Turn to page 15.  Press RUFFLE1  eight times and CUT.  Unload MAT.

11.                        Put the DARK GREEN card on the mat. LOAD MAT.  Leave the size at 2”. Turn to page 22.  Press the SCALLOP 5 leaf  thirteen times and CUT.  UNLOAD MAT.

12.                        Put the LIGHT GREEN card on the mat. LOAD MAT.  Set the size to 2 ¼”. Press EXOTIC 5, ten times and CUT. UNLOAD MAT.

13.                        Ok, now it is time to start building your flowers.  Take all the pieces for the PURPLE FLOWERS including the CENTRES. Ink and Dash the edges to suit your taste!!!!!!!       This is the time to SHAPE the petals if you want to add dimension to your flowers.      Start by sticking the DARK purple flower together with the tab. Then glue the individual MID purple petals to the inside of the DARK purple flower. I alternated these ie stuck every other one in place and then went back around and filled in the gaps. This gives you a neater flower.

14.                        Then glue the LIGHT purple flower in to the centre using double thickness of foam pads.  Take the LIGHT YELLOW centre and starting at the outside, roll it up to create the middle of the flower. Glue to hold in place.

15.                        Pink next.  Take the DARK PINK flowers and glue together with the tab. Take five of the MID PINK heart3 petals and glue them to the outside of the DARK flower. Repeat this on each flower. Take the LIGHT PINK flowers and cut into the petals slightly. Emboss them at this stage if you like. Then Glue them into the middle of the flowers using double thickness of foam pads.      Finally take the LIGHT CREAM centres. Roll and Glue them and then stick them in to the centres of your flowers.

16.                        Take one of each of the DARK, MID and LIGHT YELLOW flowers and in that order layer them on top of each other so the petals intersect each other. Roll and add the BRIGHT YELLOW centres. 

17.                         Make a BOW!!!!!!!!!

18.                        Then build your wreath. I put my flowers on first and then added the leaves in between. I split the SCALLOP 5 leaves in to two sets of five and put some of them on facing one way and then flipped the other five and used them facing the opposite way.

19.                        Hang it on your wall, and


  1. Hi Mel

    What a fantastic idea, never would have thought of this.
    Such inspiration. Thank you.

  2. This is beautiful Mel, as a new cricut owner I need all the inspiration I can get


  3. Sue, Mel is pretty good to say the least and the counselling is free too - we had such a giggle today.

  4. This is amazing Mel. Very inspirational.
    Michaela xx

  5. Blimey! It's lovely Mel, a credit to you. I think you must be a perfectionist as it looks so perfect. I think this is one I shall definately have a go at... puts my little creation I did with the same cartridge to shame lol.... Thanks and looking forward to you on C&C this week. Will you be at the NEC in March?

  6. Yes I agree with Diane, she is very good at councelling too, we had so much fun on the Sunday class at Inspirations Preston, the project up close and hands on is out of this world, thanks Mel you put so much time and effort into what you bring to us. Lynne

  7. This is amazing Mel ,thanks for sharing x
    Sandra x

  8. Melanie, this is stunning. And guess what cartridge landed on my doorstep last weekend that I bought with Christmas money. I got a Cricut create for my Christmas and just started playing yesterday, I love it. Only thing is the mat is so sticky my card was tearing. will get the tool kit I think. Thanks for all your hard work, you are an inspiration:) Jules xxxxx

  9. hi mel done one of these just love it,
    only thing was i have the first cricut that came out i think
    and it dose not have 1/4 size on it but it still work at 1/2 thanks for doing this for us all

  10. Dear Mel, have just found your blog(thanks to Scan N Cut programmes on C & C which I just had to order.) I have a Cricut Expression 2 that I love and like you will not abandon it when the Scan N Cut arrives. I have a question about the floral wreath. What size is the circle that you mount the flowers on to, having done so much work to prepare the flowers I don't want to spoil it with the last detail. I have read and re-read your instructions but cannot find the dimensions.

  11. Hi
    I actually used a wicker wreath that I had. If you just want to use a circle then I would lay your flowers out as you want them and then measure the outer and inner dimensions. Then if you use centre point on your machine and cut the smallest and then the largest sizes you will create the perfect frame. I hope that makes sense. If not email me on and we can have a chat. X

  12. Thank you Mel, I'll give the paper/card circle a go.

  13. Dear Mel, Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I followed your suggestion of a card circle for the paper wreath and it worked beautifully. So far I have made 2 wreaths in different colours and will probably make more in the future as I enjoyed the process. Loving the blog and the also my Brother Scan N Cut. (Going to make a version of your Spring card next.) xx