Wednesday 18 January 2012

Quick update..

Just a quick one to let you know that I will be back on air with the Cricut at 4pm today! Hope you enjoy the shows.. Will be either Create and Craft or Ideal World : )


  1. Saw you this morning Mel great show will tune in for the 4pm show

  2. Hi Mel, I have watched all the shows today having taped them, and about to watch the 7pm one. I have emailed in twice today with my problem with my new cricut machine and they didn't read it out. Can I have your email address to email you directly as I did put my problem on the blog but didn't get a reply and I really need help. Loved the shows today, and the Stampavie too, I love your style of cards they are beautiful.
    Kind regards, Jacqui Beddow

  3. Hi Mel,
    Have watched all shows and am watching you with Howard at this precise moment. Having a good laugh with you both, it's been such a good show.
    Take care Linda

  4. Hi Mel, great to see you back on C & C. Your enthusiasm for the Cricut machine is infectious.

    Loved your show with Howard - very surreal!!

  5. Hi! Mel,
    Good show on C & C, picked up lots of tips.
    I sent e-mail, do hope they passed it too you.
    Due too my disability, I need help, with my Exspression 2.

  6. Hi Mel
    I'm sorry to bother you on your blog but I wonder if you can help me. I bought the black cricut a couple of days ago (YAY!) and I have tried to register it on the cricut site. Unfortunately its impossible because it only recognises people in the US and Canada :(
    Is there a way around this?

    I also wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are. I didnt think I wanted a cricut until I watched you on C&C and although my finances didnt stretch to an expression I'm already loving my little black bug
    Much love

  7. Hi mel need to ask a question about my gypsy...dont know where to ask so going to post it here ..hope its ok. well here goes
    I want to make some boxes for a friend and would like to be able to cut a peices of paper on my cricut to a certain size the measurements are
    3 inch by 7inch and 10inch by 6 inch i own a Gypsy and was hoping I can manipulate the sizes some how .
    I also want to thank you for recommending Damask decor ..and elegant edges they are Fab.
    I hope you can help

  8. hi Mel re the above comment. I have managed to solve my problem by downloading the free craft room i was able to manipulate a basic rectangle to the sizes i need..then cut on my cricut...OH happy days LOL.
    i recorded your information regarding center point and wow i'm hooked.... than you so much for your advice when you are on tv...Howabout you publish a book with basic steps on cricut...go on you know you want to :D

  9. Hi
    If you click on to the yellow chain links under the height and width section on your gypsy so that they turn grey then you can input the height and width you want your shape to be. The shape must be selected and highlighted on the screen before you do this.
    Melanie xxx

  10. Hi Mel please can you help me ideal world have the cricut machine on pick of the day but its not the little black one would you know if its the same machine, because I want to buy one. Thanks

  11. Hello
    Tha Cricut they have on air today is the original machine. The black one is the next level up, that is a Cricut Create.
    Hope that helps
    Melanie xxx

  12. Hi Mel, I bought the cricuit or rather my partner did last xmas, I learn't a lot from your demonstrations on C&C tonight plus I am going to watch tomororw morning, can you tell me how I watch your demonstrations on your blog, Thank you. Carol from France

  13. Hi Mel, I purchased a Cricut personel cutter on Create and Craft last weekend and I am having problems linking the two supplied cartridges to Craft Room. I have tried the link button on the screen, it detects the cartridge and does nothing. I have also tried creating a project and pressing cut, all it says is the cartridge is unauthorised. Can you help?