Friday 20 January 2012

Two Down, One to Go!

Just thought I would do a quick post while I am waiting to do the 5pm show. Sadly i can't stay and do the shows for the rest of the week. Good news is though I am teaching classes this weekend so that will be great fun. I am doing a Shades of Warm Grey class at Inspirations on Sunday. This is making cards using  Stampavie stamp and just colouring it in with warm grey copics. W1, W3, W5 and W7. I will post the cards on my blog after I have done the class.
Have a great weekend.
Take care

Melanie xxx


  1. You are doing a fab job as always Mel. I am very tempted to buy the cartridge bundle (don't think Hubby is as keen!!! Don't know why!)
    Will have to work out my finances first.
    Love to see you using the cricut, it makes me want to turn it on (not that it is not always on anyway)
    Watching you at 5. Debbiexx

  2. Love your shows Mel, you're so helpful and I love the way you always 'tell it like it is' too. I always forget you are supposed to be selling something to us! lol.
    You could do with your own channel, many thanks for all you do, xxxsue

  3. Like everyone else, I really enjoy your shows and bought the Cricut Create and Gypsy bundle last year. Whilst i use the Create for everything that I do and built a rather worrying library of cartridges already, I am really not making the most of the Gypsy and only keep it so that i can weld shapes and letters together. BUT, every time I try to do this (and I re-read the instructions each time) I seem to get something wrong. Can you share your usual helpful and clear instructions on this so that I can get this right and use my Gypsy? Thank you so much for your hints, tips and inspiration - all of which are fab :-)
    liz x

  4. Hi Mel,

    I am new to this blogging lark!! I have been watching you today and always love your shows and the inspiration you give us all.

    I love the wreath, but I do not have the relevant cartridge. Could you suggest an alternative that I could use instead?

    I agree that it would be great to have classroom shows like Barbara Gray has. I think this would give me (and I am sure lots of others) a lot more confidence to use our cricuts a lot more!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Anna x

  5. Love all your shows Mel,looking forward to seeing the finished cards you make this weekend
    Sandra x

  6. Hi Mel,
    Just to say, Thanks for slipping my name into your 5 Oclock show wow how special did I feel?
    You have cost me MORE MONEY though ha ha . Had to get the calander cartridge. As you said even if I dont make a calander, the images are great for other projects with some imagination lol.
    ops: not sure thats spelt right ,rubish at it sorry thnks again
    Keep doing what your doing
    Anne from Blackburn x x

  7. Thanks for another great 3 shows today. I recorded all three and the O/H who obviously needs training said "but you know it all love" ha ha ha, if only. I think everytime I tune in I learn a little something new, and it makes me want to craft with my E2 even more. I love it! Thanks Mel for another 3 hours of fun. xx

  8. hi Mel, I'm a newbie and love all your shows especially the cricut ones. Just a quick question, I already have the cricut personal and imagine machines, does the expression do anything different from either of these two machines. I find that the cutting on the imagine seems much slower than the expression when you demonstrate it on TV. Can we have more demo's on the imagine pleeeeeze!! Marybou

  9. loved yr shows today
    which cartridge did you use for the flower wreath have read it twice now and cant see it am i miss reading it

    many thank linda

  10. its ok mel have read it again found it in the title ...haha
    oops dont have that one ...........yet
    linda xx

  11. Hi Mel,
    great shows today. I have a cricut expression, and a gypsy, but like one of your other followers really don't use it as much as I could. I love your simple explanations and fab projects, I could do with having you in my craft room for a personal one to one! A while ago you said that you were looking for a medium that would allow you to print onto fabric from your printer / Cricut imagine. I have found a product called bubblejet 2000 that allows you to do this on cotton and silk that you may want to try if you haven't already. Keep up the great work. Trish x

  12. Hi Mel,
    fab shows as usual thank you.
    Hope everything goes well for your classes.
    Look forward to seeing more of your creations here.
    Linda x

  13. Hi Mel,
    Ref: Expression v. Expression 2
    I don't understand why they are producing cartridges for the Imagine that can only be used on the Expression 2.
    Can you explain the other main difference between the Expression and Expression 2. Need to make an informed decision before parting wth my hard-earned cash!!

  14. Watched all your shows on C+C, I have even taken to stitching ( in Pen ) around my cards now . Love the results !!
    Thank you for all the hints and tips.
    Elaine W

  15. Hi Mel
    I love all the shows that you do on C&C. I have had the expression 2 for over 6 months now and still haven't made anything with it I cut some letters and that's all I have done with it.I really do need inspiration.

  16. The craft boutique My top tip for the E2 is to learn what the symbols mean. Bring up a shape on the mat and then press each feature and see how the shape changes xxx

    Hi Annie They are making the imagine cartridges for the Imagine machine. However you can use the Imagine cartridges (art only) on the E2 and it will allow you to cut all the shapes. On the E2 you have a touch screen and you can see where the images are gong to cut as you have the virtual mat on the screen. The E2 is also updatable and therefore more future friendly. It is not as quick to use as the original expression and you do need to learn what the icons mean but it is a fabulous machine. You can also cut different shapes, in different sizes and different features all at once. Hope that helps Melanie xxx

  17. Hi Marybou, To be honest with you ...... yes the expression does lots more!!!! Sorry, but it is true. For me it is the best machine they have made. I have no control over which machines they put on the shows so I can’t promise any shows on the Imagine. Take care Melanie xxx

  18. Hello Liz, When I weld things together I bring all the shapes I want to weld on to the mat. Then I move them together so they are touching each other. Then I group them together. After that I go to the advanced level and press weld. If you have any other questions then please feel free to ask. Melanie xxx

  19. Hello Anna, You could use any cartridge that has flowers on with layers so you can build them up. Have a look through your books and see what you can find. I have no control over the classroom shows unfortunately. That would have to be a decision by Create and Craft. Take care Melanie xxx