Monday 16 January 2012



Just responding to a few questions. Firstly, YES I am doing the launch of the Pick of the Week this Friday and then home to teach classes. I have also been asked to do the Sunday Scrappers shows in April and May, I will give you dates when they have been confirmed. I can't tell you how EXCITED I am about that!!!!!!
Also, it appears I forgot to tell you what to attach your paper flowers on to to create your wreath. I used an 8" wicker wreath. I also used Hot glue to stick it all together.
Hope you enjoy the shows this week.
Have a great week
Melanie xxx


  1. Looking forward to the show! Can't wait!
    Michaela xx

  2. Thanks Mel looking forward to your shows
    Sandra x

  3. Thank you Mel, I assumed it would be with a hot glue gun on some type of wreath.
    Looking forward to the shows, and congrats on the up and coming scrapping shows it sounds like things are changing for the better at C&C.
    All the best Linda

  4. Wow Mel it will be great to see you on Sunday Scrappers.
    Wendy was great this week, but the two hours were a bit basic for me and not about the journaling like you do, so hope your days will be what I love. Debbiex

  5. Hello Mel
    I watched that on Sunday and didn't realise it was a new feature to be continued . I thought about you, and did wonder if you agreed with the lack of Journalling ! !
    I look forward to you showing them how it should be done

  6. quick question just brought the little black cricut and after 3 uses my paper is ripping , Any ideas???

  7. Hi Amanda, I would like you to start with your pressure on three and your blade depth on three. Make sure your speed is on full. Then cut a simple shape at about 1”. If it doesn’t cut right through then increase your pressure to four. Try again. Then if that hasn’t cut through increase your blade depth to four and then alternate until you find the correct combination for your card or paper. If all that fails then you may want to try a new blade. Sometimes there can be a duff blade in the machine. Please let me know how you get on xxx