Saturday 28 January 2012

From an excited but weary traveller

It is now10pm and we have just arrived at our hotel. We left home on the 28th at 7am!!! A full 24hours of planes and airports but I am sure I will think it is all worthwhile tomorrow when the show opens. Off to bed now to get some rest ready for a busy day ahead. Will post pictures tomorrow.
Have a good day (as they say over here)!!!
Melanie and Alison xxx


  1. Good morning good yawning flower,

    How exciting, I wouldn't be able to sleep!! Have a fab day as Im sure you will and don't forget your eggs sunny side up!

    June x x

  2. Hello Mel
    I hope you managed to sleep it must be so exciting to be actually there !
    Look forward to the pictures
    take care
    Love Marg

  3. Oh gosh Mel, it sounds like you travelled to the moon not America!!
    Have a good sleep and get ready for paper heaven tomorrow. Debbiex

  4. Have a lovely time, and be our eyes and ears, look for exciting products you can share with us, it must be absolute heaven for you, to say I am jealous is an understatement! Enjoy. xx

  5. Good Morning Mel, I hope you have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear what you see and do x
    Have fun!!!

  6. Have a great time, looking forward to your reports. Annie

  7. Have a fab time Mel.
    I have been watching the live feed from Spellbinders and its been great. Hope you have enough energy to see everything you want to.
    all the best Linda

  8. Hope you girls are having a ball!! silly me, of course you are. Hugs Lynne xx

  9. have fun mel :) ordered my crict create just now an am very excited :D just ad to let u no
    take care