Thursday 5 January 2012


Back from germany. It was exhausting but fun at the same time. Thanks for your lovely comments on the blog. In response to your questions, the Cuttlebug Masterfolder I put through the Cuttlebug as it wont go through the Grand Calibur. Multi machining!!!!! Not multi tasking! I don't know when I am back On C&C as they couldn't fit me in in January :( So I will be back in february but not sure on dates yet :)
It will give me more time to make samples for the blog though and maybe do a few video demos, so if there is anything in particular you would like to see then let us know.
See you soon
Love melanie xxx


  1. Hi Mel,
    First let me say I love the new look blog, very fresh and clean for the new year, but still keeping the 'you' look. Love it.
    Sorry to hear you're not back on our screens soon, I get bored with all the sale shows or cd shows etc (sorry hope thats not speaking out of turn). I love to 'craft' with paper, cutters and colouring mediums etc. (I do have cd's but rarely use them.) Thats why I look everyday to see if you, Sue Wilson & Christine Emberson have news of your shows. Can't wait, but in the meantime thank you for the posts, the cards have been lovely. Hope all went well in Germany
    All the best Linda

  2. hi mel oh how sad not on create and craft. i was thinking,you say some times try diffrent colours together and see what works. i like the way you use colour. i tend to be a pastel person,but you use bright colours to and it looks nice,on your cards,so that would be nice to see some cards. i am trying to make a card with my spebinders,doing something totally difrent for me, baced on your first card from germany. wlii keep looking love bluebell-flowerwood.

  3. Hallo Mel,
    I have the spellbinders Masterfolder and all the related folders but I cant seem to get a crisp emboss with them there are always creases in the card or paper,
    Love your new look
    happy crafting jacqueline

  4. Morning Mel
    I too go onto Sue's website as you and her give me so much inspiration and I like the new website.
    I only have a Cuttlebug but still manage to do similar layouts
    Thanks for your inspiration Mel !
    Love Marg

  5. Hi Mel, I do enjoy watching you on create and craft and thanks for getting me back to crafting. I am interested in the Cricut Gypsy but would like to see you demonstrate it before I buy. I also see that once you down load cartridges onto Gypsy you cannot use them again. Does this mean that they cannot be used in my new Expression 2 purchased in November. What happens if the Gypsy goes wrong? Does it also mean that if I download all the cartridges I have purchased onto the Gypsy (which seems such a good idea) that I can never use them again and they are just useless. Please help. Ann

  6. Hi Mel, I would love it if you would please do the instructions for the plant pot flower card from the Cricut Freshly Picked cartridge, I have asked before but you were then busy doing the instructions for the set of draws, please......... I know if I try to do it like you have done it I will get it all wrong..thankx

  7. Hi Mel,
    New blogger?? I wonder if you can help me - my hubby bought me the new black Cricut create for Christmas as I have wanted a cricut for a long time and watch all your shows for inspiration. I am having difficulty though - I have tried three lots of different weight paper, 160gsm, 240gsm mirri card from c&c which I ordered specially, and black 240 card. I am having trouble getting them off the carrier sheet - it is too sticky and the back is seperating from the mirri card and staying on the carrier, and with the others they twist and are not flat. Can you advise please as I am desperate to use it but don't want to spoil any more card. I wanted to use vellum too, but feel there is no way I will get them off without ruining them.

    Kind regards, Jacqui

  8. Oh... so it won't be you doing the Scrapbooking hours this Sunday then :o( I was hoping it would be
    Sandra x

  9. Uniqui - The Cuttlebug masterfolder.
    I have also found that it leaves creases, but i just rub over the creased areas with a bone folder on both sides of the card once it have been embossed and this removes them.

    Ann Marie 21 -The Gypsy is a fabulous, portable design tool. I do classes on Gypsy at Inspirations in Preston. I don’t know if that is an option for you or not? Once you have loaded a cartridge in to your Gypsy you can still use the cartridge in any machine and you can also attach your Gypsy to any machine. You can only load your cartridges on to one Gypsy however. If anything goes wrong, Provocraft with either re-boot your Gypsy and e-install your cartridges or they will replace your Gypsy. Hope that puts your mind at rest.

    Lynne - Hi Lynne. Thanks for your request. I am prepping a class today but I will try and type them up and post them on my blog for you. X

    Jacqui - Hi Jacqui. It sounds as if you have a mat that is faulty. I would advise you to try a different mat. When your mat is brand new you don’t need to press your card down really, you can almost just lay it down gently. I am doing Cricut shows next week on Create and Craft (Check Blog for times) You may pick up some hints and tips.

    I hope that helps and if you have any more questions then please feel free to ask.

  10. Hi Mel, just wondering if you found out if the master folder for the cuttlebug will go through the caliber? Love all your cards xxx

  11. Hi Mel, disappointed that you're not back C&C for a wee while. I wrongly assumed that you would be on the Scrapbook show on Sunday morning but will look forward greatly to when they can 'fit you in'. You inspired me to start a new Scrapbook for my sons 21st birthday in May but could use a wee 'Mel fix' to get on with the journalling for it. Thanks again for everything and Happy New Year. xo